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Overall positive

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From time to time need to send over to my clients big (20-40 GB) files. Stumbled upon this service called EncryShare and found it useful.


  • Recipient can start downloading before the file is fully uploaded, which is very useful regarding the size of files I send.
  • End-to-end encryption is neat. I usually put these files I send into encrypted containers myself but it takes a while to encrypt tens of gigs of data. The service does it on the fly, which is handy. Would need to look into the source code though to be sure it's doing what it claims to.
  • No ads and no "buy premium or we throttle your speed and also make you wait 30 seconds" BS, which is everywhere nowadays.


  • Silverlight? Really? I mean it works and why would I care, but still. It's 2015.
  • Kinda pricey. But then again I use it to deliver what I'm paid for so I found it justifiable.

Verdict: does what it claims to do and is more or less unique in the scope of offered features. Does not leave an impression of a shady dodgy business as most file sharing services do. Wouldn't say it's ideal and recommended for everyone, but I'd recommend to give it a try and check whether it suits personally you.


excellent application!

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A fantastic tool for data transmission. You can download the file before it is fully loaded! works quickly, encryption does not slow down)