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I love EncFS. It is owned and supported by a friendly community. The code is available for public review, so more secure than proprietary options.

As for the security concerns, EncFS version 1.7 is probably safe as long as the adversary only gets one copy of the ciphertext and nothing more. EncFS is not safe if the adversary has the opportunity to see two or more snapshots of the ciphertext at different times.

EncFS version 1.8 and 1.9.1 fixed many of those security concerns. Future versions will hopefull fix all of them.

The version 2.0 was announce. Here is the related message from the author: "I've started cleaning up in order to try and provide a better base for a version 2, but whether EncFS flowers again depends upon community interest. In order to make it easier for anyone to contribute, it is moving a new home on Github. So if you're interested in EncFS, please dive in!" Source at https://github.com/vgough/encfs

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