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Initial impressions very good.

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Lots of folks out there are on the lookout for an Evernote replacement. This is getting there. It's a good cross-platform note taking app that stores the data in a way you can easily sync it yourself using whatever service you like.

It has functional search, accepts images into notes and supports tagging. Unforunately, the images can't be resized or included as files in and of their own right (they have to be part of a note). Same with PDF files. At the moment, there is no browser addon on that allows you to clip content and .html files are read only - you cant use that as a format for taking notes.

I hope this continues getting developed and supported.

For those Evernote escapees looking for an alternative, Elephant might already be a good choice. But also, check out the excellent and open source TagSpaces, which is similar but more developed and far more functional than a note-taking app (serves also as a file organizer). Finally, if you're technical enough to "roll your own" and host something on your own server, try Paperwork. It' s an open souce web-based Evernote alternative but probably the closest thing to Evernote's "feel".


Excelent alternative to Notational Velocity in Java

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Works as intended, writes to plain text and works as an alternative to Notational Velocity (nvpy, resoph notes).