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Effective File Search
aka. File Search (sowsoft)
aka. EFS ... (and efs)

Installer only, no portable version by any other vendor (that I could find)
There are several unrelated file/folder finders all called "File Search" ... just to add to confusion

I ran the "setup.exe" in a sandbox, because the "Effective File Search" website is a VPN server
and not a self hosted secure (HTTPS) website.

EFS leaves a lot to be desired ... not very impressive

  1. first created in 2012 and no upgrades since then
  2. no options-settings
  3. inspite of being an installer is not avaiable on Win-Exp Context menu
    . . . ie, no Shell integration
  4. initial target folder (Look in) defaults to Users.Documents folder
  5. no options, so no option to add EFS to Win-Exp context menus
  6. must browse to new target from previous search (using an ancient tree list of WinExp) not WinExp
  7. default settings must be tweaked to ensure "Files" are searched too
    ( my initial test was 15 items short of other reliable file-finders (UtraSearch, FileSearchEX)
    ( until I discovered the "Files" checkbox was unchecked

IMO ... There are better file finders available . . . especially those that are inegrated into WinExp conext menu

Tested in SandBoxie environment
Win-7 PRO x64