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Not for me

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I recently installed eDoc Organizer Home trial edition, version 4.6.
I immediately liked the idea of being able to index everything and then find stuff using labels (tags), type and other filters. That was what I was looking for to begin with, coming from iDocument on Mac. The interface is a bit cluttered for my tastes and it is not extremely user-friendly IMHO. For example, grouping by file type or tags could be improved. Also, sorting by creating date does not work properly (the date listed is not the right one). I also was not very happy about having to go through pages of thumbnails instead of just scroll down all the way.

What I REALLY did not like, though, was the 30gb folder that eDoc created to "index" my 30gb document folders. I realize that it probably just copied all my stuff into its own database, or something like that. Needless to say, that was not acceptable for me. Not just for the space, but also because I could not figure out what then was the connection between the "real" documents and the "eDoc" stored documents, if indeed a connection exists.

Worth to evaluate but keep that in mind. If you look for a program that can index all your files without having to move them, eDoc does not seem to be the right choice.


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Another money hungry company trying to get a monthly fee from its users. Will this ever end? Paperwork, the software, is free.