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EditPlus Reviews

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This is most likely one of the best programs to invest in if you are a coder, gamer, or just need a great text editor with lots of great features. Do not believe me? Try the free trial they offer & see for yourself.

[ Pros ]

  • Easy to use
  • Many great features
  • Small in size
  • Has the optional addon for spellcheck
  • Alphabetical Arranging
  • Find & Replace Single or Mass
  • Capitalize, Upper or Lower Casing
  • Coding Support for many extensions HTML, C++, Etc...
  • So much more

[ Cons ]

  • Does not offer native installer for Linux
  • When new major builds are release you have to buy the upgrade if you want the latest major build
  • Customer support isn't that great

I use to promote this app on my website, freeware, etc. It is something I have a lot of experience with for many years, and I do not promote things in which I find to be useless, shady, harmful, etc. If you would like a good paid version of a text editor this is a great investment. I now use Notepad++ which has many of the same features & is 100% free. I did not remove any stars for the cons because its still a great program to own if your willing & able to afford it or find it useful for your needs.


Love this... I keep coming back to it

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I've been a user of EditPlus for many years. I keep trying out other editors, but I keep coming back because EditPlus is easy to use and lightning fast.
It can also deal with large files (> 80MB) VERY quickly. So much quicker than other editors. I have an 88MB file that opens in 2 seconds, and other editors (like NP++) can take > 10 seconds. Searching and replacing in such large files has also proven to be that much faster than alternative editors.
It's also been consistently supported over the years I've been using it.
Excellent work!