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DON"T USE THIS IN PRODUCTION. IT FAILS 7/10 in doing its job.

I've been trying their subscription from time to time just to test if they have improved or not for the past 3 years. Although I stopped using it in production in the first few days after finding that it's a waste of money, time, and more importantly your Agents, as well as your customers, will hate you. I'm back to using Goautodial.

here are major issues I've discovered in ecsow dialer that they never fixed. issues are more but these are just major ones that you'll face a lot. 7/10 times you'll have issues.

  1. It gets confused in deciding if a call is an Answering machine or a real person

  2. Very often transfers the call in between while the person is hearing the recording. and the person has not even pressed 1 yet.

  3. Often Plays Answering machine recording to a Live person and vice versa which confuses our clients and makes a bad reputation of our business.

  4. Disconnects sip a lot( 60% time and efforts it consumes in Time logout and reconnecting).5) Sometimes it never plays any recording while the person on the other side dies out of saying hello 100 times.

  5. very often it transfers Answering machines to agents even when all the changes in settings have been done appropriately to make sure AMD calls receive their recording. and live calls theirs.

  6. It has not been updated in decades.

  7. It leaves your customers and agents hate you for all the non invited, unpredicted problems and your customers face every time this dialer is involved in communication. It makes them hate you.
    Take this advice seriously and don't even think about trying this ecsow dialer. Such a waste.


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Very poor technical support. There's no phone, email only. I do not recommend this tool