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Tl;dr: Ecosia is a good search engine which is very transparent and FUNDS environment NGOs


  1. It's search results are good enough for me to stop using Qwant and Google
  2. It funds NGOs around the world which are planting trees and others
  3. It is REALLY TRANSPARENT with what they do with the money they earn (They have a blog which shows a demographic of their finances and where they are goin
  4. It is clean


  1. No appearance customisation (I doubt any search engine has this anyway so this can be shrugged off)

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After using it for a while now, I want to update this review as there are more cons that I've found with the search engine (but not really enough to change my ratings:

  1. Search results can be slow sometimes. The results are a bit unreliable compared to other search engines (which isn't really a surprise). This might turn off some people who want their results quick.

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Very good search engine that plants trees! The only bad thing about Ecosia is that it doesn't have a dark theme.


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If they'll help prevent global warming without spying on us then I think it deserves more attention. Ecosia uses only Bing search results, which isn't a bad thing since Bing doesn't censor as much as Google, but what if they do? We'll have to find another alternative.


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search engine that focus on planting trees


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they are doing something socially and ecologically important... They provide an alternative with a good quality