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This three bugs make it unusable. I should have re...

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These three bugs make it unusable. I should have removed while ago.

  1. https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/easytag/-/issues/8 This makes the file to be corrupted. It plays but with an audible hiccup at the beginning.
  2. I mount a gvfs. Easytags fails sometimes: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/easytag/-/issues/28
  3. freedb is down, so no identification of songs.

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It's just crap, so unreliable I can't it recommend for anything. You edit some files, press save, and it does alter your files somehow but it doesnt change the tags or cover.


Have you read the manual? Or a tutorial something like this: helpdeskgeek.com/reviews/edit-id3-tags-in-linux-and-windows-with-easytag/ ....

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Fantastic, easy, free, open source and lightweight program for managing music metadata (artist, album, track...). A joy to use.


Easy, Simple

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Very easy to use. This app seems to be most often described as used for editing audio files, but it works just as well in editing video file information.


Edit multiple files

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I don't find out how you can edit multiple files in the same time ...


Read the manual! For those finding this answer in 2020 or later.. try a tutorial online such as helpdeskgeek.com/reviews/edit-id3-tags-in-linux-and-windows-with-easytag/ (or another)

If you have files in the same folder, you can multiple select the files by clicking & using the shift or control keys, same as a file explorer program, while you are in one of the files. Then, say, you can select all files in the left pane that are in the same album.. or have the same artist name. Change whichever field you want in that particular song/file and select save from the file menu button at the top of EasyTag. This will change all of the files you selected in the left pane to use whatever is in the field you changed.
That's the easy way, but non-graphical way. If, though, you have say, 20 songs in a folder, and wish to select all songs in that folder to change, you can select that folder, then click the edit button at the top of EasyTag, and then the select all button. When you do it this way, the right pane opens to a tab called "common" where you can input data in each field common to all those files, then save. That's it!