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Have to pay for modules or updated components

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you have to pay 10 dollars a year to update any component (php, mysql, apache, phpmyadmin) or any modules.

plus expect your site to run slow. it runs slower then wamp or xampp does. it takes about 4 secs to load on easyphp while on xampp or wamp it takes a sec to load the pages.


Unable to run EasyPHP Webserver, not easy to use

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Perhaps because I'm a newbie so I cant make it work.

After installation Apache worked fine with static pages but Php was throwing a lot of errors. Had to quit early not even having tried running the sql server 'coz I would be wasting time due to my limited skills. Uninstallation too was also not straightforward perhaps I was comparing too much to Wampserver.

This installer is not for the faint of heart, at least not for this version (v14.1).

I'm truly sorry I'm posting a negative review but of course experts may disagree.