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The instructions for this program provide no input about how to print two or more selected tunes (from a bunch of them listed in the then-current ABC file) in the desired order. Instead, it talks only about how to print a single tune's music score. I've not been able to find any way to achieve this goal, even though anyone using an ABC program for Irish music will have, at the top of their list, the need to print out multiple tunes in a preferred order . . . for use as a "set," at Sessions or performances.

The software's creator provides no ready means to send him an inquiry, so I am putting this out to all y'awl in the hopes that he finally addresses this issue either by revising the software to address this very basic need or to revise the instructions to show how to achieve a multi-tune printout (if the software already can do multi-tune printouts). Other than this issue, the software does a great job. However, its many valuable features are eclipsed by its apparent failure to meet this one very basic need.


To print more than one tune, you have to do a multi selection in the left column. You muti select by selecting a start title and by maintaining the shift key down, you select the last file to print.
To multi selct randomly, you use instead the ctrl key.