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Worth it!

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I bought the ultimate license a few years back, and i must say it's been worth every penny. I get free updates for life, to a piece of software i think is so well thought out that all alternatives fail to compare. The interface is very well designed, the amount of formats supported is very balanced, and as i recall extendable by downloading codecs for other formats. It's multilanguage which is quite nice, i understand and speak English almost to perfection by i am kind of lazy so i like i can get my native Danish in the interface. There are DSP options built right in to make processing of audio a lot easier, meaning DSP is Applied while you rip and encode, no need for processing after encoding. These are just some of the brilliant features in this software package, there are more that i can't remember in this moment of writing.


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Best of all audio ripper / converter / burner / metadata editor


The ultimate Audio Conversion and CD Ripper all-in-one unfortunately is not Freeware (and a little expensive)

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I have tried a lot of software to manage and convert Audio CD's to mp3. Even tried a lot of software to convert various audio files. Nothing comes close in functionality or ease of use to Easy CD-DA Extractor.
(Now called EZ CD Audio Converter)

There are a lot of features to this software. It connects to various databases to find names and audio information to fill into those id3 tags. Id3 Tag options are perfect as well. It allows me to fill those in and just save the files with ease. The audio conversion is superb. Never have I had any issues or glitches when it comes to quality. There are lots of formats available and you can even create profiles with different formats and settings for conversions. Ideal for converting different file types.
As of a recent update, it even allows for multiple converters to run simultaneously. So if you have a multi-core processor, you can run multiple conversions simultaneously.

I have tried other software:
Freemake Audio Converter (Too simple for my use and no id3 tag support).
DBPower Amp - Too many options and nothing exceptional about it.

The only possible drawback I can think of is that its not freeware and the price you pay for something so simple is a little high. $40 for a simple tool only because there aren't that many other competitors. The only plus I see is that you get lifetime updates. Hopefully they come up with a Win 8 Metro interface as well.


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Best music converter for Windows. It does everything I need to do and the audio quality is top-notch.