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I don't get the hype...

  1. As of today, you can only rotate images to the left, which creates unnecessary clicks when a simple "rotate to the right" button would have done the job. It gets worse when you try to rotate 15+ images at once. The time lost and the aggravation is through the roof at that point. It's incomprehensible: it would seem like a fairly basic button in a photo management app in 2019.

  2. I have sent a pre-sale email question on May 19, 2019. We are on June 14, 2019 and I still haven't heard anything back. Yes the app is very affordable ($30 one-time fee) but is it really worth it when considering that there is zero customer support, especially before a purchase? Not for me.

  3. Eagle relies on a library system, which means that Eagle creates its own folder inside of your computer to load different sizes of your photos in its app. I have found that an app-generated library system is not what's best for me, and I'd rather use photo management apps that strictly work with what's inside my local photo folders as it saves disk space.

  4. The only "pro" I can think of is that the "export > zip" feature usually takes only a few seconds, even though you have dozens of photos in that folder. However, you'll have to remember to delete the copies of your photos that were automatically generated in the Eagle library if you truly want to recoup the disk space those additional photo sizes are taking...

I really wanted to like this app as I found its UI absolutely stunning but the first 3 points mentioned above were deal breakers for me. I've since moved on to:

  • Zoner Photo Studio for my photo management + photo editing all-in-one needs (it's $50/yr but you have a 24h customer support response time and ongoing development which, for an app that markets itself as an Adobe Photoshop competitor, is well worth the price. It can preview videos in-app like Eagle.)
  • References.design for my moodboarding needs, especially because they do not use a library system, their UI is as sleek as Eagle, their price point is fairly similar to Eagle and they provide timely customer support (24h in my case).

It is good app but have few bugs.

1, Cant say dont use that.
2, Yes i agree no one email was answered.
3, It depends but what works for you better.
4, Yeah it is fast.

About your alternatives.
Zoner Photo Studio is just bad. Creators are from my country and they are just money grabbers and pay per time is nt worth for me.

References Design i try it. It dont have subcategories. Unninstall.

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One of my favourite apps to use. Does exactly what it needs to do and the design is simple & beautiful.


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so cool,i like it very much!The best picture management software!