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Don't bother with DynDNS as a free service, anymore, IMHO.

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DynDNS has been around since around 2001. I'de used them as a Dynamic DNS provider since about 2003 or so (have to look at my archives to find out exactly when). Got started with them because they were one of the first DDNS services found in Router firmware. I had my hostname with them for years and years.

This summer, they changed their SLA, and if you didn't visit their site interactively (so they could push ads at you, IMO) you got dropped. SO, I GOT DROPPED. I didn't have email notifications on, but for SUCH A MAJOR POLICY CHANGE, you would think they could have tried.

For many years, my router or net client software kept them happy. But after the SLA change, my router's script visit to update their site failed, and kept failing, because I was stupid and depended on an automation routine to keep things updated, my bad. (Hey, I thought computers were supposed to enable you automate things?!?!!)

I've removed them from my router, left a question in their community about discontinuance best practices, and have come here to Alternativeto.net to find that alternative. I am also a user of OpenDNS.com, which has never given me a problem.

My almost final take on DynDNS? Avoid them because they are going high pressure commercial only, IMO.


DynDNS free hostnames: deleted after 30 days of inactivity

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A few years ago everyone got 5 free DynDNS host names. Since July 2012 also customers who have had many years free host names every 30 days get the following notification by e-mail:

Dear Dyn Customer:
Your Dyn account 'UserName', has DynDNS free hostname(s) that are due to
expire in 5 days. Note that DynDNS free hostnames are deleted after 30 days
of inactivity. You can prevent your hostname(s) from expiring here:

https://account.dyn.com/eml/expatconf/n../ .....
If you wish to keep your hostname(s) active and not risk missing email
notifications like this one, purchase a DynDNS Pro upgrade today.

This is of course very disturbing, so that you can only look for a free DNS service in the future, such as FreeDNS, No-IP, MyBind or BuddyNS.