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Its slower than workflowy but has more active community, more features and faster development

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EDIT Many things have changed in the past month since using Dynalist, its actually Really Fast now almost on-par with workflowy, so any points I've made about it being slower than workflowy are kind of minute now

If I had to pick one software of the 400 or so I bookmarked here to be my favorite its this one

Its a great program for organizing information

How workflowy is better than it right now:

  • It is slower than workflowy loading by a few seconds, but its not that big of a deal once your doc is loaded up anyhow
  • It only has 2 forms of formatting so far, workflowy has 3
  • Workflowy pro lets you set a background theme, dynalist doesn't have that
  • Workflowy navigates through tag searches faster

How dynalist is better than it right now

  • It has a more active community and faster development cycle. See the public trello board development cycle
  • Its got way better community developer tampermonkey scripts . See here which is already 10-20 features alone not even mentioned
  • Its got an open active forum here

Other reasons why its better than workflowy

  • It has formatting color tags natively
  • It has native H1 H2 H3 tag formatting
  • If your into markdown format dynalist has a better feel to it
  • It has way more custom settings than workflowy. Ability to set different hotkeys, and more functions for navigating your document
  • It allows multiple documents, workflowy only lets you have one
  • It has a built in tag pane
  • Ability to automatically sync data to your dropbox or google drive everyday, AFAIK workflowy is just stored on its server and you download it manually
  • Can sync up your google calendar to make events right inside dynalist
  • Built in date formatter, so you can assign due dates / dates easier

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[Edited by Kagerjay, November 09]

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  • Personally i would like to use dynalist, but it is a little too pricey solely as a document processor with advanced checklist and tagging functions. (annual subscription is equal to microsoft office subscription)
  • Dynalist offers 50% discount for student and educators which is a bonus
  • Their terms of conditions is very clear and nicely formatted.
  • Great platform availability.
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it's really useful for organizing day to day things and keeping your ideas and "stuff" well organized

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Dynalist is a juicier Workflowy, but the free version doesn't have an input limit, which is nice.

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Workflowy on Steriods. Much better UI/UX with an active behind the scenes community that listen to user inputs on the reg. It just works.

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Just like WorkFlowy but without the deal-breaking limits on monthly notes for free accounts.