DVD Flick Reviews

Full of adware

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Despite carefully declining any options other than the base program adware was installed on my system. Unacceptable browser hijacking. The only saving grace is that all adware uninstalled via the control panel and was not highly malicious in persistence.


Dead Simple

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I used to use DVDStyler for all of my DVD authoring, but I could never get that program to burn directly to DVD. Not only does DVD Flick burn directly to DVD without a hassle, the interface is much nicer.


Not bad, but basic and somewhat unintuitive

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I tried it for making one DVD, because of so many likes here, and found it a little basic and slightly unintuitive (but maybe that's because I am used to another program). The user interface is good. The menu that it created however was rather bad, and did not allow for customization. After creating that DVD, I am sticking with DeVeDe for creating all my other DVDs.


Great alternative to ConvertXtoDVD.

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This is a great alternative to ConvertXtoDVD. It seems to be a little slower at encoding but its very easy to use. If your looking for a free open source alternative to ConvertXtoDVD this is a great choice.