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The match algorithm is average, but the interface is so poor it's unusable.
A search on my library takes 12+ hours with loose parameters (it's 3+ hours with default ones) and it found real duplicates of different formats (codec, duration, name) + some false positives.
Then I can do nothing with the results because the interface is buggy :

  • no select all/unselect all option
  • copy to clipboard doesn't allow to copy
  • no 'save result' option, you have to launch the 12+ hours search again each time
  • often crash in the middle of a search

Also the website and emails feels alive, but Version 16 is in fact a version of 2012/2013.

I feel I loose my money in this not finished solftware that will probably never be.

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doesn't work, and wants to charge you $30 for the pleasure

almost no options that can be set.