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The match algorithm is average, but the interface is so poor it's unusable.
A search on my library takes 12+ hours with loose parameters (it's 3+ hours with default ones) and it found real duplicates of different formats (codec, duration, name) + some false positives.
Then I can do nothing with the results because the interface is buggy :

  • no select all/unselect all option
  • copy to clipboard doesn't allow to copy
  • no 'save result' option, you have to launch the 12+ hours search again each time
  • often crash in the middle of a search

Also the website and emails feels alive, but Version 16 is in fact a version of 2012/2013.

I feel I loose my money in this not finished solftware that will probably never be.


Looks like you used some old version. The "results" are not saving, true, but in my case the option "cache video signatures" was set and when I add several new files to the scanned folders, it run the scan much faster. I think it processes only the new files in this case.

If the latest Duplicate Video Search doesn't work good for you too, consider Video Comparer. However, it is also not free, but do the same task

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Thanks, cleaned my porn collection. Yes, as you can read in reviews, in trial version it detects the duplicates, show them to you, but doesn't allow any actions with them, so you cant move or delete the selected dupes. The bad thing, trial version doesn't display the actual file names, only several preview frames. So, you have to pay. In my case I think it worth the price.

Looks like there are only two apps that finds video duplicates by contents available at all. This one and Video Comparer. Actually, I bought both :)


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doesn't work, and wants to charge you $30 for the pleasure

almost no options that can be set.