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I've tried many duplicate file apps and this is the best one I have used on Windows 10, that has enough free features to make it very useful. DupeGuru was my previous favourite but it's not developed anymore. I've been using the free version of Duplicate Cleaner for several months and I might purchase the full version for the extra features.


Isn't worth anything

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it didn't find any duplicates no matter how much i tried to tweak with the settings.

complete waste of time


I would suggest you check your settings again and make sure your antivirus isnt blocking it


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This has been the best of about 4 duplicate file finders I have tried. Really easy to setup, easy to use, and it has enough advanced features to find slight variations of duplicates. I also really like the way I can simply MOVE the duplicates to another location (while keeping the folder structure of the original location) and not having to delete them right away.


You have some Duplicate Files on your computer which hampers your memory space.
Just use "DuplicateFilesDeleter" software.
If you use this software you will be get comfortable.

Thanks for the suggestion. I went to look up DuplicateFilesDeleter here on AlternativeTo:

Duplicate Files Deleter

There is a note saying this software may not be safe... interesting.

kb4036214 - don't you have better things to do with your life than lead people to malicious software that has "0" likes?

Considering that it's probably a bot created specifically for this purpose, one might say that leading people to malware is in fact its life purpose!