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a MUST HAVE albeit still missing some features

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it's an ok app, very useful and quite portable (but not completely which I mention below). no installation needed indeed.

I have some gripes with it though.

  • there are no options to tell the server to handle file collisions in more effective manner.
    server can't RESUME/APPEND partially downloaded files. it can't OVERWRITE or IGNORE a file if it already exists.
    the server ALWAYS re-downloads every single file from ground up (just renames it with a number if it already exists).

  • in Windows the application stores its setting in the Registry at
    for Dukto to be considered fully portable it should by default use INI or CFG file and store it along the main executable.
    and provide command line switches for optional registry usage.
    speaking of which....

  • there are virtually no command line options or switches to automate the transfer operations using scripts.

  • there's a bug randomly occuring when the receiving device (server) is too slow to refresh its interface (animations) upon finishing a transfer.
    it ends with UI freezing and app not responding anymore and it's when dukto.exe process has to be killed, and the app restarted.
    it's really annoying on some devices.

  • minor but annoying and possibly a cause of the above (4) issue is the fact you can't disable the transision effects (sliding animations) of the UI.
    the freezing bug often than not happens on slower devices or on such where GPU driver isn't installed yet, and the device can't properly handle the effects (low FPS).
    which is really frustrating if you use Dukto in safe mode or on a really old machine or simply on a freshly set up OS, where only the ethernet card is working (ie. no USB, no CD-ROM) and it's the only way to quickly download the drivers for it.
    it's when I have to switch to another app like Dukto called FileTransfer which resolves most of the above issues, but isn't as easy and intuitive to use as Dukto.

other than that I'd really like to see the exact type of program like Dukto but specifically intended to handle folder synchronization.
there's no such thing right now, which doesn't use FTP or other protocol which requires quite a hassle to set up.

but all in all it's a fantastic piece of software. it's portable, it's small, it's fast, it's reliable. I dare to say, apart from FileTransfer (which only work on Windows), it doesn't really have an alternative. Dukto is a must have.

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Multi-platform, simple and useful

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I use Dukto to easily transfer files and text snippets between a Debian desktop and a BlackBerry Q10 and it works like charm. No problems experienced whatsoever so far. There's no official Debian package but you can use .deb packages provided for Ubuntu.


great app

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Everything works out of the box. Best thing is that you don't even need to install it, just use portable version. Sends data very fast over the LAN.


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A very simple app that does what it says on the tin. Lacks certain features (like the ability to share a file via the Android Share menu), but overall works great even on old machines running Windows XP