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After just 3 months with us, you've had a whopping 1500 hours of connection time!

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Dualmon allows me to access our remote server from either my home desktop or laptop while traveling. Reliable service is critical in my business. Previously, I used LogMeIn Pro for years but got tired of: a) increasing fees, b) improper billing, and c) bad attitudes.

As alternatives I tried Team Viewer, which was good but too expensive. I also tried two other unnamed services but found one to be cumbersome and the other too slow. Dualmon is totally satisfactory. It was easy to install. I have never had a connectivity problem, and the response rate is as fast as any good competitor. Perhaps most importantly, the price is right. I do pay a small fee for connecting three computers rather than just two.

Dualmon just advised me, “after just 3 months with us, you've had a whopping 1500 hours of connection time! I'm thrilled that you're getting value from our service.” Because of that substantial experience, Dualmon asked me to write a brief review. I am happy to help. So you know, I have received no favors or consideration from Dualmon for this review – just a good business relationship and a gesture of goodwill. I suggest you give Dualmon a try.

Thank you so much, Charles! We're very happy to hear that you're enjoying our service after having tried a few other options. We truly value your business.


Very affordable

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Saved us a ton of money over LogMeIn after they raised their prices yet again.


Great for server administration

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We've been using dualmon to manage all of our servers in our remote data center, under their pro service for only $1 a computer. They have the free service too, but that's limited to 2 computers max.

It's been over half a year and we haven't experienced any downtime or service hiccups. We were a little apprehensive at first since I hadn't heard of them before, but gave it a try due to the huge savings compared to logmein. Very satisfied with the results.


Easy to use, free of charge

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I started using dualmon for my remote access and to randomly provide support for a few family members after previously using Teamviewer. Teamviewer started giving me messages about being suspected of "Commercial Use" and wanted me to pay for the full version, which was way too expensive for my level of use.

Easy website to understand and get the software installed
Remote sessions seem pretty snappy

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