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One of the best 2D game engine for dotNet

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I'm using Duality since October 2015 and I'm totally happy with it. Here are some reasons why:

1. Architecture:

Before I started using Duality, I developed my games with Unity. For me it was quite easy to switch to Duality, because it also uses the "Component-Based"-Design. Aside from this design decisions, the developer of Duality implemented a well conceived API, that makes developing games enjoyable.
On top of that he does also a great job posting his design decisions or his progresses on github.

2. Open Source:

I could expand my knowledge in programming, because this neat software is open source and so well written. If you want to know how you can implement something in your game and there isn't any documentation written yet, just look up the repository.

3. Community

The community is just awesome. If you have any question, just ask them. There is always someone how can help you. They are very friendly and helpful.

4. License

This game engine is open source and has obtained the 'MIT' licences. No hidden cost or other restrictions.

5. Plugin-Support

Duality has a build in package manager (plugin). Everyone can develop their plugins and share them with the community. You can also install some example projects with source code from this package manager.

What bothers me a bit is the fact that you can develop you games on a windows machine only.

In my opinion it's the best 2D game engine out there and I wouldn't switch to an other at the moment.

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One of the best 2D engines out there by far.

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Duality has a perfect mix of design and programming and a good mix of ease of use and power. The fact that it's open source is great, and that it was made by one guy is incredible. The community is very friendly; the friendliest I've ever come across. Overall, Duality is the best 2D game engine out there, if not, the best game engine in general, both 2D and 3D.