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DTube claims to be resistant to censorship which simply is untrue. There were multiple instances were videos have been deleted (a feature ordinary DTube users don't even have access to) as they were violating laws. Sure, they are still in the Blockchain, but are no longer visible to the end-user.


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p2p and fully decentralized videohosting with embedded cryptocurrency reward system


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It does work... technically... the up-loader is kinda barren. If you're used to non-block chain video platforms going into this site is going to feel weird. It's linked to Steemit, a blogging site as part of the same block chain, If you have one, you have the other. Many functions that you might normally find on other sites simply don't exist here... A delete function did at one time exist for users, not through Dtube itself, but in Steemit... However, this was removed. Also, the numbers displayed (likes, views, exc) on featured videos in the "home" section do not match with the numbers displayed in the video itself... Overall, it's very confusing. However, it does seem to have a nice community.