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Finally a truly free driver scanning utility that has NO adware or bundleware.
it's an excellent handy tool to detect, download and update hardware drivers.
it will save you lots of time and effort (especially after a fresh install of Windows). but you still have to install the downloaded drivers files manually in the free version.

*** EDIT (12/18/2019):
At the time of writing that review it didn't have bundleware unlike of now, and some of its free features now became paid. Currently I don't use it so I don't know if it's really worth 4 stars or not, but I'd like to point out to the fact that nowadays you most likely DON'T need a driver detector app; As Microsoft has made really serious improvements on their automatic driver detection in the recent months/years. So after a new Windows installation, you just wait about an hour or more depending your internet speed and you'll find all of your drivers are indeed automatically installed and up-to-date. The last 5 machines I formatted this year didn't require me to use any tool to install their drivers, they all worked seamlessly with Windows' auto detection/installation system.


The best driver updater for my Windows 10 Asus laptop.

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I upgraded my Asus laptop to Windows 10 Anniversary. However, some drivers were missing. I tried to find from Asus webstie. However, it was hard to search.Finally, I found a program named Driver Talent here. I tried to download and activate it. It helped me fix all driver problems in my Asus computer. It is worthy!


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my drivertalent not works so I tray a other 1


You never know a useful driver tool for Windows before Driver Talent

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Driver Talent is so useful for me. I updated my computer before free Windows 10 update is over. This program also helped me download and update drivers for Windows 10 quickly and easily!


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Pro only feature : One-click download and install drivers, Restore previous drivers from backup, Install network printer drivers intelligently, Pre-download drivers for any PC online, 24-hour technical support for free