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This is not freeware!

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The "FREE" label is misleading!
Although DriveMaker has a "freeware" version, it has limitations:

  • Session time limit. Sessions are closed automatically after about two hours.
  • Does not save your settings, you have to type/configure everything from scratch when you start it.
  • Does not offer secure and encrypted links to your FTP site via FTPS (TLS/SSL encrypted).
    DriverMaker Freeware allows only clear-text connections via plain FTP.
  • Does not start up automatically when you log on (minimized)
  • Does not allow you to encrypt files transparently.

Imho the first two limitations make the freeware version unusable.

According to alternative.net license policy, **"In general we think that if a free version of the app
can perform the main purpose of the app without costing anything we think it's a "Free with limited
functionality" app. A good example is Dropbox that works extremely well in the free version but if
you want more storage / features you can pay them.

Apps with time limitations (fully usable for a certain time period only) or usage limitations (usable
for a number of times) and so on should be set as Commercial."