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I'll_start_with_the_cons_first Cons_are_most_pe...

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I'll start with the cons first

Cons are most people there are very toxic
and sometimes would erase or bump spam doodles over your artwork!
There literally no moderation,/ very poorly managed and not many people either
Most rooms are dead while only few are barely active.
Posting images on chat is a real pain
since it does not support sharing images directly
and only copy paste images from Imgur to the-chat is the only way.


very easy but sometimes confusing interface
but its quite easy to get the hang of it!
You can change avatars without approval
and its quick as a breeze!
You can even add friends and send private messages to-them!


Pro: Doesn't throw you in rand...

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Doesn't throw you in random lobbies, you can choose yourself.
The keybindings are useful. There is a transparency slider for colors and the chat can be hidden.
Moderation is a bit of an issue since you can't see who is drawing what. Friends-only lobbies can only be opened by premium users.

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no premium users! everyone can open friend only lobies