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A lot like AutoCAD LT

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I use AutoCAD LT for 2D drafting at work and was looking for a free alternative.

I found DraftSight easy to get started on as many of the commands are identical - after an hour of practice I'm starting to produce useful work.

The other alternatives I tried were really hard to get started and didn't seem to have the commands I was expecting.



This isn't free any more and the Linux version was stopped.

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A easy and powerful 2D CAD software!!

I couldn't indicate a better AutoCAD replacement.


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Perfect for opening up AutoCAD files in Linux since I don't have any Windows machines at home. If I did I can't pay thousands of dollars for AutoCAD. I don't do CAD drawings personally, but on occasions when I come across one this is perfect. Looks like I can even do some editing and changes on it if I knew what I was doing.