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No download and no support

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Paid 10 $ to get 100 GB traffic. Download wasn't possible. Had to use buyer protection from PayPal.

I wanted to download some files from These files can only downloaded by premium users. I registered at and payed 10 $ via PayPal to get 100 GB traffic. The traffic was credited and I started using their website to download my files. I noticed, that I had to wait several minutes to download my files - as a paying customer! This wouldn't be so bad, if the download would start. But it never started. After the wait time the wait-windows simply closes. No download, but at least the traffic wasn't altered. Checking the html-code revealed, that is using to download files. I opened the requested url in a new tab and got an error-message from, saying, that I had to login. It seems, that has no valid login for zevera.

I contacted and explained, that I cannot download my files. I got no response within several days. I contacted the support again and also got no response. Finally I used the buyer protection from PayPal. Neither nor (which was used for the payment) responded to my complain. But after almost two weeks I got my money back.

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BIG DISLIKE for Downloader Guru!
The worst service, I paid and still for nothing. 100% I do not recommend!

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i thought it was a bad thing at first as everything i was trying to get failed but as i had paid my cash i did not give up it is still hit and miss but i am getting what i want from this set up as most of us are trying to get files listed on a forum (legal of course) it is a small price to pay as i am into my second 100 gig this month and working OK at the moment

so slow start going to a speedily finish it OK



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I have a premium account, and does not operate more important servers. I will not respond to emails!

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Terrible "service" with no interest whatsoever in their customer. Even worse, they punish any inquiries about the constant outages by taking away all your bandwidth! Cold, vindictive, AND incompetent, it would seem from their behavior.

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have 10 euro at guru paid for 3 days I wait for download no success I have to paisafecrd geannt and hope to get back my money give the case of the Polzei further refunded advertisement because of intentional fraud lawful interpol is scheduled

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I should have read the reviews before I bought. Downloader Guru tried to load spyware on my computer when I registered. As others have said it asks you to wait for 2-3 minutes for a download but nothing happens.