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TotalCommander -> FreeCommander -> DoubleCommander

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Switched from Total Commander to FreeCommander to Double Commander. If you worked with either one of these, you'll be instantly familiar with Double Commander.

For me, it's a must have tool. Cannot work without it. Explorer doesn't come even close to functionality offered by these file manager tools.


Best and only open-source alternative to Total Commander

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Unlike lot of other dual-panel file managers, Double Commander is only one which support many of TC plugins: WCX, WDX, etc. You just didn't have another free alternative to TC.

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The only alternative to Total Commander that I totally switched to! Almost the same as TC, but some parts even more usable and nice. Supports most of TC plugins and really cross-platform: plays nice at my Ubuntu too.

Updates not so recently: 1-2 times a year. Still stable just want new features and improvements :)

Give it a try - solid alternative to TC.


.ISO files

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There is a little problem what could cause headache:

If you are using WinCDEmu also /instead of mounting the ".iso" by clicking on it, it opens the file/, to modify this function:

  1. Configuration -> Otions -> Plugins -> (1st Tab)Packer Plugins -> choose sevenzip -> "tweak" -> from dropdown list choose "iso" -> CHECK the "Show as normal files" option -> ok,apply

Otherwise the program is great so far.


Best alternative to TotalCommander I could find !

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Keep up the good work, and thank you !


Have you tried FreeCommander?

Nice but misses the treeview

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Double commander is in potential a great alternative for windows explorer. With plugins you have a ftp tool as well.
But I miss the tree view. I think it's the most essential part for a file explorer.


FreeCommander has a treeview.

Double Commander has a tree view now.

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No high DPI in 2017.


Nightlies are being compiled with Lazarus Trunk, so they do have high DPI support.

Still even stable works well on high DPI screens at least on Windows and Linux. You can change icon sizes in settings.