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Great lightweight wiki

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This is a fantastic choice of wiki software if the more widespread solutions are too heavy and complex for your needs.

I personally didn't want to set up an entire database and complex configuration, as my project will remain relatively small for the forseeable future. The great thing about it are its low requirements on the server. Basically, you only need a vanilla PHP installation. This not only means that the wiki will run almost everywhere, even down to most free webhosts, but also means that backing up and transferring a wiki are incredibly simple – the entire data and history is contained in text files within the wiki's directories. No database backup and re-import to perform. Just download the files and re-upload them somewhere else. Zip the folders and you have a backup. No proprietary formats means you can edit everything with a text editor.

All this makes it magnificently open, which also means that you'll be well-prepared if you ever decide to migrate to a more heavyweight solution later on.

Installation and configuration couldn't be simpler, it's basically upload and go. Another big advantage is the active community with a lot of plug-ins available and maintained. For example, I added some basic database functionality to my site using a very simple-to-use SQLite plug-in, allowing me to add structured data to pages and generate sortable list and search pages with drill-down functionality.

I'm still amazed at how easy this all was to set up. If you just want to get the job done and not deal with technicalities and backend issues, give it a try.