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I use AquaSnap and TinyTabs which I like using on a ultrawide screen. I tried Divvy as an alternative to AquaSnap. There're quite different; I really liked the speed of sizing windows with Divvy and the ease of using it. However, I found Divvy and TinyTabs to be in compatible (weird stuff occurred). I'm addicted to TinyTabs, so I opted to continue using AquaSnap. I would have given Divvy 5 stars except for this in-compatibility.

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Basic handling does the job and does it fast.

However, keyboard shortcuts are buggy as hell! Somehow, the registering of shortcuts take the qwerty version of the key you use no matter what keyboard layout you use (In my case a french azerty)

As a result, hotkeys are restricted to combinations with the keys layouts have in common (letters/Fx/ctrl/shift ... ) that's an instant failure imo.

Please keep in mind your software will be used with other keyboard layouts.