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Great Product

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Distelli's awesome, I've been pretty happy with it so far.


Don't trust companies with "contact us" plans

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Looking at their pricing plan, I was hit about "call us" plan. I don't really trust a company that has this, especially when the threshold for reaching this plan is so low. Usually it means a single things: we have no idea how we could make it work, so we just ask you to call us so we would know who is interested about this.



I’m actually the person Contact Us currently reaches. We’ve successfully supported deployments of up to 1000 servers to date.

The Contact Us is meant to refer to large Fortune 500 enterprises interested in fully on-premises deployments of Distelli. These are subject to a different pricing structure. We also provide high volume discounts of Distelli’s hosted platform, similar to most SaaS offerings “Contact Us” and industry standard. If anybody has any questions feel free to ping me directly at chris@distelli.com. Glad to help out!


PS- Sorry for the delay, we just discovered this great resource :)