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Doesn't work very buggy, alternatives needed.


Very handy

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I've been using it to copy several physical Windows installations into disk images, usually as a crude but effective backup before reinstalling a physical machine (in case something is later needed from the old install, which has happened), but also to migrate from physical to virtual of course (which I've e.g. done with a few web servers and software development machines).

It is of course best to do this offline (i.e. when the OS of the machine to virtualize is not running), but using Disk2vhd to copy online using volume shadows is so utterly convenient that it's worth the potential issues (that have never occured in practice).

It would of course be great if it could create other image formats such as VMDK (VMware), so I didn't have to use VirtualBox's vboxmanage clonehd to convert them, but I can live with that. :)

Works really well. Recommended!


Not for me, it keeps giving CRC errors.