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Disk Inventory X Reviews

Great way get overview of disk

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Disk Inventory X is great for getting a overview of the space allocation on your drive. Recomended!


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I found this software more efficient and more handy than Grand Perspetive or the others (unless some are more beautiful designed than Disk Inventory X).


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I am quite surprised that Disk Inventory X was updated ahead of the demise of the 32-bit era on macOS: I thought that development had ended for good.

The good news is that Disk Inventory X 1.2 does work under macOS Mojave, and now renders to the correct pixel density.

However, I see two main things that the developer needs to improve, to compete with GrandPerspective:

  1. Reduce the time taken to scan the drive: version 1.2 took many minutes to create a tree-map of my main SSD drive (130 GB used out 1 TB), and this is from a relatively new MacBook Pro from 2018, with 32 GB of RAM. The latest version of GrandPerspective (version 2.2.1) could do the same task in around 1 minute and 30 seconds.

  2. Allow customisation of the tree map: version 1.2 only has one theme for the tree map at the moment, while GrandPerspective allows users to choose a colour scheme. Disk Inventory X could learn from WinDirStat (an open source application) and undercut GrandPerspective by allowing users to not only choose a colour scheme, but customise the shading and other things.

At this time, I will be staying with GrandPerspective on performance and customisation grounds, but I will probably check back from time to time to see how Disk Inventory X is doing after a 14 year break.