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Had the opportunity to test fully licensed version 3. I have 20+ years experience developing, co-developing and supporting logical data recovery software.

I tested 3 scenarios:

  • Recover and accidentally deleted file, or undelete.
  • Unformat type recovery: After a volume turned RAW or was accidentally formatted.
  • Photo Recovery: Recover photos from a corrupted SD Card (JPEG photos).

Disk Drill failed the first 2 scenarios or performed significantly worse than reference software. I can only recommend it for photo recovery from SD Cards and even only after working around quirks.

Over-all impressions is that the software under-performs, felt sluggish and is confusing.

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Don't waste your time. It is not "free with limited functionality". It's free to install so you can be forced to pay to do anything. It also didn't find anything of use for me, so a waste of time. Immediate uninstall.


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Finds a lot of stuff, however, it doesn't appear to show them as their original file names, nor does it show the original file structure. Makes recovery way too painful. An Explorer-like tree view with all original names is a must.


DISK DRILL - My new favorite Recovery tool Excellent results.

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Highlights From a review i previously wrote on my website:

The program itself is quite clean looking, and easy to figure out .

Disk Drill found over 164,000 total deleted files on the deep scan. …

I obviously don’t have time to go through them all and verify them

So I randomly picked 30 pictures, 30 videos etc and made sure they were not corrupted

To my surprise I actually found some found some large video files in there that I thought I had lost forever, including some wedding footage from years ago and the only footage of a friend who passed away 3 years ago other programs had failed to find them before which is a good sign for the program.


Bloody shareware

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This entry is badly labelled. Disk Drill is not free. A free version does exist, but the feature you probably want it for, recovering your files, has a steep $89 price tag. To reiterate, the free trial of Disk Drill will show you your deleted files, but it WILL NOT recover them. I had to tell people this because it really annoyed me when I found out.


It is labelled "free with limited functionality" which means that you need to buy the software to enjoy the full version

It is indeed free for windows so I would suggest adding another Disk Drill entry to alternativeto called "Disk Drill (Windows)" and label it as freeware and rename the mac version to "Disk Drill (Mac)"

We prefer not to add different versions for a product separately, as stated in our FAQ.

I have just written about the absolutely free version for Windows in the description and in the platform note.

Very easy to use and found deleted data I needed!

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I love Disk Drill’s interface. It’s quite simple and Disk Drill offers an amazing tutorial and a number of prompts inside it to help you find the right way.

This application is definitely an awesome Mac app and should be installed on every OS X computer on the first launch. What is great is that Clevefiles have a lot of cool features in Disk Drill Basic edition. The Free edition lets you recover deleted files using Recovery Vault, in case your disk was protected beforehand.


  • great interface;
  • feature-rich Basic version;
  • preview option before recovery;
  • free undelete from Recovery Vault.


  • PRO version is a bit pricey.

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Thanks for saving me my time, i spent 4 hours on another program? just to have the same thing happen