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Hardly freeware...

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Freeware ("community") version so crippled it's not worth it... for instance no coding tools, no memos and no reporting! What use is that?! "Community" version my *&$%. Shouldn't be listed as a free alternative, this is a free 2-week trial, nothing more.

This is useful feedback. I will discuss with the team making these features part of the community edition. Those core features are currently free and very well used in our open source, web-based Coding Analysis Toolkit (CAT).

DiscoverText is a commercial version of what was originally a pure research tool designed to improve the accuracy and reliability of human and machine classification choices. I think we do a good job balancing free and paid options. I give advice and support for free to students from all over the world.


Interesting - I've come across CAT before some times ago, this is proper freeware, and deserves to be listed in this category. Wasn't aware of the link between DT & CAT - though I stand by what I say, DT in its current format really can only be seen as a trial.

Except that there are in fact things you do for free forever.