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Extremely fragile nesting of dependencies. Very poor support. Monolithic development oversight.

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Not ready for production. This product is high on promise, but needs another 3 to 5 years to mature (if it survives that long).
A great range of promised features, but not ready for prime time. Consider other products.
Discourse is not production worthy. It is extremely fragile, with a long list of inter-dependencies on other products, with any updates to any in the long chain easily breaking Discourse.
Despite being recommended to install inside of Docker, Discourse's very fragile dependencies also mean it does not do well outside of a very narrow set of platform configuration options (alternative Linux distros problematic).
Riddled with a vast array security issues, that do not appear to be taken into consideration.
Support is very poor, with a long list of backlogged issues still unresolved. The community is very active, and attempts to help but is very scattered in the support provided. Oversight of support and development is by a single developer that has a reputation for being very immature, very insecure, and often deletes any criticisms and many of the bug reports.
If the product matures, check in again in 3 to 5 years to see if improved, otherwise do not consider using this product in any production environment.

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I love Discourse because it's robust and very powerful. It has a ton of features, is open-source and easy to setup (needs a bit of technical knowledge, but they have a ton of guides to help over that). I totally recommend Discourse to anyone looking for community creation/management tools!


Not the cheapest but super awesome

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Plans start at $100 / month

You can find a full listing of most of the current sites using Discourse here for examples


Highest used discourse forums found here:


Discourse is also founded by Jeff Atwood, cocreator of stackoverflow.com

I personally use discourse forums a lot as a user and find it intuitive


  • Automatically uploads images when you post it on a forum
  • Customizable
  • Friendly badge when you post things
  • Clean UI
  • Higher tiers of paid service lets you bulk download all your forum posts

Awesome forum software

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Discourse is pretty awesome forum software - best I've tried!

If it could to voting and edit suggestion like Small Quora iconQuora it would be completely killer!


Cloud server required

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It's not free, the only thing free is downloading the code. You are still required to get a cloud server and they are not free.