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The privacy policy of this service is atrocious. Not only does the company own your password, e-mail and the contents of every message you send, it also lays claim to the ownership of your sphincter. Furthermore, the Discord app demands to know EVERY program your computer is running!


So they can give a cute little status update saying "X is play Y game"? More likely they are doing analytics and datamining. They reserve the right to sell your data and the blood of your firstborn at their discretion. Even worse, your porn browsing habits and your accompanying personally identifying information they scoop up is never deleted. So if the company ever folds, they can just sell it for a mint and the next company will have more info about you than you do.

This is particularly alarming as the CEO of this company has a history of doing exactly the aforesaid.

In conclusion, if you use Discord you are a sucker and every company with an analytics contract, and therefore every employee of said company, will know you spend an unhealthy amount of time watching Japanese cartoons about little girls, waste your money on erotic VN's, and that you still don't know how to get past the sadpanda on exhentai despite trying since you were a teenager because you aren't particularly bright, which is why you're using discord after all.


Laughed with your lovely review. What alternatives do you recommend?

He's dead right. Try riot.im

Good, as a wise man proudly proclaimed, "I am a huge fan of illustrations of little girls getting fucked!"

self-hosted alternatives to Discord include Mattermost and Mumble.

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Discord reserves itself the right to sell all your data, including everything you say, share or upload, to third parties. Read the terms of service before you use it!

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Not a very good product if you're a free speech absolutist, as they censor taboo art, and at one point tried to ban saying "kys".


It's not my favorite, but it gets the j

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It used to be alright, but I'm not a fan of it anymore. It overstepped some boundries, and added a few "features" that I'm not keen on.

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Great for communities and easy to use but for a pure voice comm app I prefer the lightweight and reliable TeamSpeak.

I always used the browser version as I had a bad feeling about downloading the client which turned out to be an accurate instinct. The installer gives not so much as an option to control install location. I clicked the executable and the app shortly opened. It had immediately rummaged somewhere to find my existing account used in the browser. Unlike the browser version, the app was keen to know if I'd like to add existing Facebook contacts... Also auto enabled itself to launch on startup.

When I came to uninstall the app, it was not listed in the ControlPanel->UninstallAProgram but in the Windows10Settings->Apps->Apps and features. Uninstall did not remove all folders and files. I spent some time hunting down all content, almost entirely in the AppData. Had to restart the PC as despite having used the uninstaller, the folders were in use by an application.
Felt more like I was dealing with a virus than reputable software.

If you don't like applications doing things for you and prefer a high level of control, stick to the browser version. If you want voice comms in a browser, this seems to be the best option. There are favourable alternatives if you're willing to download.

I will continue to use Discord as a browser-based hub for communities.

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Great UI, not so great if you like free speech or decisions regarding what goes being in your hands.
Uses Google Recaptcha pretty aggressively too.

I would still use it over Skype for what it's worth, but that aint saying much.

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There's no such thing as free. Discord is an amazing service, but it comes at the cost of your privacy. If you have a problem with companies mining your personal data (you should) then please, use alternative software. If you can't, sign up with false information and a throwaway email, and try not to have private discussions during chats or calls. There are plenty of other options to choose from: Jami, Jitsi, qTox, Mumble, to name a few.

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The UI looks nice at first glance but isn't very comfortable for use on a desktop.
Light theme has light text and hurts your eyes

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The desktop program is spyware that scans all your running programs. Look it up.

Always log in to discord from your browser.

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Nice app for communicate with my teammates

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Easy to use to chat with friends while gaming.

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Great app for gaming.
You could tune theme colors, audio quality is decent, much better than competitors has.
Really nice UI and good portion of humor makes it the best chat-hub for gamers.

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Good sound quality. Most people I know use it.

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Batter secured, better voice quality. Better, just better.