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So few likes?

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Wow I did not expect to see DirectAdmin to have so few likes. I know it is one of the four long time default and professional hosting control panels (with cpanel, webmin, and plesk). I like DirectAdmin a lot! Highly recommended. I worked with almost all hosting control panels mentioned here (cpanel, zpanel, webmin/virtualmin, ispconfig, openpanel, ajenti, plesk, etc.). The ones I liked the most are in descending order:

  • directadmin,
  • webmin/virtualmin,
  • ajenti (because of the maturity I did not want to run this in a production environment, but I liked ajenti a lot!),
  • ispconfig,
  • openpanel (pure simplicity which I think is a good thing),
  • cpanel (a lot of features! Good support, little bloated),
  • zpanel (because it is a free cpanel clone)

(I did not enjoy Pleks very much, but last time I used it was 10 years ago.. %-\ )