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Comment by s0me0ne
about Diigo · Oct 2018 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

Limited to 500 bookmarks for FREE users.

I joined way before they ever imposed a limit, so I have over that amount and I'm not sure if I actually can access them all or not, as I dont use the app as much anymore. But since I'm looking for a good way to merge everything across multiple devices, I can't worry about them not allowing new bookmarks from showing up. I can't trust it will all work, now with those limitations placed.


Outliner sucks

Comment by kevincox1
about Diigo · Jul 2017 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

I don't know how the Diigo team could take a perfectly good application and ruin it with something as useless as Outliner. I've been waiting for an alternative, but no one worthwhile has an Android app yet.


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