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was good but then digsby became MALWARE

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Almost as evil as the cerulean studios developers.

"Optional" software has no place in an installer. If people want additional software they will download additional software. Similarly evil is "open" candy. When "open" candy describes themselves as not evil it is about as credible as a serial killer claiming his murdering is community service.

It is UNACCEPTABLE to monetize either the security of users or privacy of users.
It is UNACCEPTABLE to monetize either the security of users or privacy of users.
It is UNACCEPTABLE to monetize either the security of users or privacy of users.

The average user is wholly unaware of the security/privacy risks of malware bundled installers. They are rarely making an INFORMED decision so merely downloading a malware laden installer is NOT consent.

To change my review from negative to neutral digsby and other villainous developers need label their software as ADWARE and NOT-free. Further the COSTS of ADWARE need be explained to the naive (most everyone).

"Support us by downloading the ADWARE version of our software. This will require disabling your antimalware software and adding an exception to allow our installer- or software to examine your machine to show you advertisements. In essence you are allowing us to violate your privacy for our profit. We are too afraid require advanced payment lest no one purchase our wares. Our software is not free. Although there are numerous legitimate sources of freeware: this is not one of them."

Free means ZERO COST to the user. Having one's privacy violated IS A COST. Spending money is another kind of cost.

Another kind of malware is embodied by: IM+, ebuddy, meebo..

For actual freeware consider:

Small Pidgin iconPidgin

or Small Psi+ iconPsi+

or Small Jitsi iconJitsi

unite all your instant messenger protocol accounts under ONE

Jabber ID




Used to be good

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Used to be the best one out there, then came the ads, then came the forced ads, then came some pretty gnarly default settings, then they didn't update Facebook consistently. If they've updated Facebook it's probably worth it, if not don't touch it.


Used to be a great IM client, but no more

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Digsby used to be a great multi-protocol IM client, but it is no longer being actively developed after it had been acquired by Tagged. There has been a long going problem with its Facebook connection that users have been complaining on its app page. The last major version came out more than a year ago. No new features have been introduced since then, only some minor fixes were rolled out occasionally through the built-in updater. It is now better to leave Digsby and switch to a worthy alternative like Trillian, having all the features Digsby has, and even more.


Well, I was originally going to post a comment so I didn't see your review before I posted mine. My bad lol. Sad to see that the Facebook module is still bad, even sadder to know that it's not being developed anymore.

Apparently it's just got an update after a long time and claims to have fixed the Facebook issue. Also its developers have decided to make it open source so that the community can contribute to add features and fix issues. Maybe this once-great-app will see a rebirth in coming days.