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DigitalOcean combined with ServerPilot or RunCloud is The Best and Reliable Cloud Hosting. Just $5 per month. Awesome!


Not for production environments

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DigitalOcean is a great choice for developers and development environments, quickly deploy large amounts of server capacity and pay only per hour for what you use with straightforward pricing, I did the mistake using their servers for a production environment with a couple of game servers, although the performance was acceptable it became a complete mess once the DDoS attacks started rolling in since the bandwidth is dropped for 3 hours even during minor attacks. Support says there isn't much to do other than buying DDoS protection from an external provider.

To be fair, on the server where I hosted my website, database etc I was able to use Cloudflares free plan to avoid being locked out during DDoS attacks and as a development environment it was great. A disadvantage is the slow CPU speed of 1.8GHz, at least for the smaller plans in the locations I tried. Since most physical servers has either 2.4GHz or 3.6GHz CPU's there is a small possibility that they are using shared cores.


Definitely not for commercial or professional OR ARTIST use (copyright grabber)

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The TOS is clear that if you post it - they can do what they want with it - in perpetuity. Making this one of those MONEY HOSTS that would not be legal in France, that mandates fair treatment of artists.

I sincerely think that this should be outlawed because it is just not a fair and above-board way of doing business. It would be fair to outlaw it and level the playing field if it costs $.50 cents more.


Some references/citations would be helpful