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Diaspora* main strength over Minds.com is that Diaspora* is really fully decentralized (distributed and federated). Compare to Minds which is NOT yet fully decentralized. Open source code is not to be confuse with decentralized.

By decentralized ("distributed" and "federated") I mean with Minds everyone’s data is being stored into ONE huge CENTRAL servers owned by a ONE large organization. Compare to Diaspora* which stores everyone’s data on MULTIPLE INDEPENDENT servers (“pods”) all over the world. You simply choose which pod to register with, and you can then connect seamlessly with the diaspora* community worldwide. Thus Diaspora is much safer and more robust.

For those not familiar with Diaspora* you can read more on this Wikipedia article

Read more about Diaspora* decentralization at https://diasporafoundation.org/about

Try Diaspora* for free at https://diasporafoundation.org


Much more than an alternative to facebook

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I found this social network very interesting, I like its audience, it is at the reach of all, it is a real alternative to facebook and co but opensource
Very open, so opensource anyone can contributed in different ways to the project
Public level it is anglophone even if thanks to framasoft its opens much to French, a good community
From an idea of Aaron Swartz away from facebook marketing



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You can be whoever you want to be in diaspora*. Unlike some networks, you don’t have to use your real identity. You can interact with people in whatever way you choose. The only limit is your imagination. diaspora* is also Free Software, giving you liberty over how you use it.
source: https://diasporafoundation.org/#get_started



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August 27th marks four years since diaspora* was placed into the hands of its community by its founders. Four years of refactoring, fixing bugs, redesigning the interface and introducing new features. Since the last release, 42 volunteer contributors have added 44221 lines of code in six major releases.
Today they are releasing diaspora* version 0.6, the biggest version diaspora*’s community has ever released.

Official blog-post


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Good concept, but some functions still needed:

  1. Easily moving profiles between pods.
  2. Creating backup profile(s) on other pod(s) for the case of banning or if the pod became unavailable.
  3. Possibility of creating Groups like on Facebook.
  4. Possibility to like/dislike comments.
  5. Possibility to attach any kind of file to private messages.
  6. Audio/Video call of friends.

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Great cumunety - free to choose - no company/country can shutdown/blick the whole network. Your data is owned by you


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Free distribution of content without censorship.