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I got serious problems when I updated my system with other recommended(!) driver updater software. So much that I need 'this is safe' label on the driver software I'm gonna try. (Blue screens after wake up / non opening windows 10 etc...) Therefore just be careful.

Finding more drivers does not mean better software, and in many cases it is vice versa. Because all-round tested driver versions are generally already known. And starting from the times Windows have realized its performance is directly related to driver stability, Windows 10 does a good job finding best working drivers. So much better than many driver updater software.

Device Doctor is one of the rare ones that work better than Windows drivers. You can update one driver daily, free. It is especially useful for uncommon peripherals like usb hubs.



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I installed this as a last-ditch attempt to find the screen-rotation and ambient light sensor drivers for my Lenovo Yoga. Something disabled them and I am struggling to find the downloads. It is not helpful when a program like this installs 4 other crappy bits of software for you without warning and without asking for permission. This is what I found;

MyPC Backup
Internet Helper Anti-phishing

Thank you Device Doctor but as a fairly experienced PC user I already have my backup strategy in place AND I use it. My AV already copes with phishing protection and I have no idea (and no desire to find out) what Wajam and Snap.Do are.

So I raise a middle finger to this pitiful collection of useless apps and post this here as a warning to others.

BTW, it didn't solve my driver issue and in fact tried to tell me that I needed "new" drivers for several things. The recommendations were several versions older than those already installed.




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This program installs adware program BrowserProtect (BrowserProtect.exe) and several browser extensions, even with all extras declined during setup.


Driver Easy pivate free, Device Doctor commercial free

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Driver Easy found more drivers, Device Doctor is also commercial free, both without limitation & registration

I prefer Device Doctor and Driver Easy to DriverMax, because for DriverMax you need to create an account, and DD and DE are not limited to 2 drivers download per day, as DriverMax is.
I use Device Doctor instead of Driver Easy for commercial use, because Device Doctor is totally free, also for commercial or educational use.

Driver Easy is only free for private use, but found also drivers, which Device Doctor did not find.
I have tested Device Doctor, as I set up a new Notebook, where the driver CD was not OK. Device Doctor found and downloaded all drivers and the best available drivers in a very short time.
So these very useful applications can save very much time, if you are looking for drivers, even if there are some "Unknown Devices" in the device manager.

As I installed Drivers for Windows 7 on an 8 years old notebook, Device Doctor found only 50% of the needed drivers, where Driver Easy found all necessary drivers.
A little disadvantage, which I have seen, is, that Device Doctor reports some recently installed drivers to be renewed, although they have been renewed just before.