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Best BlackBerry-app in companies with crazy BES IT-policy!

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When our company turned the policy to make password-entry required every 30 minutes, we all started to hate our BlackBerries. We had to enter the password to turn off the alarm clock or to continue navigating turn by turn with WAZE after only 30 minutes. This crazy policy is the opposite of security, this is annoying and very dangerious! DeUnblock is perfect because you still are password protected but you make unlocking it easier and personalized to what you want. It also is smart enough to go back to manual entry mode after a set period of time. It is hard to write in a review how useful this app is. Try the free trial and you'll see!

With this very necessary app, which should be integrated in OS7.2, I changed the max. password-input-time to 120 minutes.
After 15 days free trial I bought this app for 3.75 €. This app is unique and has no competitor. It is the first and only BlackBerry-app I have, that isn't free. But it is worth every cent. Most BlackBerry users in companies with BES IT-policy suffer from the crazy password-entry-duties. Draw attention to this most valuable of all BlackBerry Apps with your LIKE on Small deUnblock icondeUnblock !