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Worst website ever

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The website is very slow. Once you move an image the website freezes. Scripts are full of bugs and the browser always signals problems with JavaScripts. I had to close and reopen the website 5 times just to finish a 2-minute design of a facebook cover image with one sentence and one image. Turns out after downloading that it does not have the dimensions of a facebook cover. I tried to resize it and it freezes and keeps displaying the message 'Please wait' in an infinite loop until I had to restart it again. Finally, after downloading, the image is too pixelated and too transparent, and for some reason a purple background appeared from nowhere.
Just forget about this it's useless...

PS: Basically nothing is free with Desygner, once you click on any feature it asks you to upgrade to a premium account.


Hi Kassbouali, I just saw this and wanted to respond personally as the CEO at Desygner. I am extremely sorry you have found this to be the worst website ever ;-( We tried to contact you but have not received any responses thus far from all channels, so we can try and identify your issue, so please take this message as an opportunity to reach out personally to me and I will solve any problems you had. We have well over a million designs now on Desygner.com and get feedback from the whole community, and sure, we definitely have a few small bugs like any website does which we are working on fixing, but never a complaint like this so I would love to chat and figure out what went wrong for you in particular and make you a happy designer with the rest of our community. The whole model is supposed to be freemium and only the personal storage library, versioning of your design & import from pdf or other adobe files are paid for upgrades along with expanding the whole template library from a 1,000 which are free, to over 5,000 if you upgrade for 6.95pcm. We chose to not charge per design and in fact made everything open so you can add royalty free images from google and many other great sources. Cheers, Alex

My name is Kaïss Bouali, CEO of GraphPixel Studios (a web developement and IT consulting company). Please reach me in private on kaiss["a"-"t"]graphpixel.net