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This software is powerfull and easy learning, perfect to reference for draw, you needn't adjust every part there are a some adjust automatic that follow the body limitation, include exclusive control for adjust the hands e feet that is effortless. You can modifiy the age, sex, and body structure (weak or strenght). The free version have all this features, I think that you can download others models and acessories in pay version or market.


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Not as good as the other guy said AT ALL. There's not actually an option to change the sex, and you need to use the body sliders and the resize tool in order to give your doll masculine proportions. if you move the arm the wrong way it'll twist upside down,
Oh, and those body sliders I mentioned earlier? They aren't labeled, and I suspect it's for one key reason. Simply put, they don't each control some particular feature, rather, each and every one morphs the entire section. Wanna make the head look ghoulish and skeletal? Not if you like having a nose. Want muscular calves? Your thighs are now tree stump.s Want smaller thighs? Hope you didn't need those knees.
Also, adjusting the sliders requires you to move your mouse in a curve, which feels really awkward.