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DEON is the best software for collaboration, project management, ideation, design thinking and more.

For many years, I have been using DEON for all kinds of projects, whether as a file saving platform for me and my team, as a collaboration tool for creative processes such as art direction of renderings, brochures, editorial development, concepts for events and much more - even for organizing my private travel plans.

Keeping track of a project is so much easier as I have everything in front of me and can see it literally spread out. By zooming in and out of my project, I switch directly between amending, working and collaborting. All files and texts are placed on one huge infinite canvas, be it texts, multipage documents (word, ppt, pdf and more), videos, web screenshots and more. My team can have access to the same canvas and we can work simultaneously on it.

Without DEON, I would loose a lot of precious lifetime!