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This is my top torrent client

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One of the oldest clients and completely free, no annoying ads or anything. Works fast, easy to set up.


One of my new favourites

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After all the "traditional" clients like BitTorrent, ĀµTorrent, and Vuze/Azureus have become so bloated and pretty much unusable, with horribly bad UX, over the past couple of years, it was finally time to get rid of my laziness and find a replacement. I have tried a few options, and quickly settled on Deluge and qBittorrent. There really isn't a bad word I can say about either.

Deluge is a very light-weight client with a well thought-out client and server separation. Which, however, you don't have to worry about if you're a regular user on a regular desktop computer. Just install and run, the daemon will be started in the background and the user interface will show up. Unless you switch to "thin client mode" and configure the server separately, it handles like any other, monolithic BitTorrent client.

And this principle works all throughout Deluge. Everything is really simple, easily understandable, in a clean and tidy user interface. If you need more powerful features, they're just a hop to the settings screen away. What's also nice is that many useful features which, however, not everybody will want to use, such as notifications or torrent labels/categories, are implemented as plug-ins that can be switched on and off at will.

I had Deluge set up on my Windows machine in no time, configured it to my liking within two minutes, and everything works as it's supposed to. It gives me a generally good impression, it seems like the people working on it know what they're doing, write quality code, and care about user needs. From the documentation and forums, they and the community also seem like a generally friendly bunch, and not an elitist club, which is always something that puts me off of some other open-source projects.

Important detail: Deluge is also a widely accepted client on private trackers, I haven't found any site that would disallow its use.

Deluge has quickly become my main BitTorrent client, and I can recommend it to anyone. Why Deluge over qBittorrent? Coincidence, really. I traditionally split my torrenting between two clients for different use cases. Deluge got assigned the task of main work horse, and I haven't regretted the decision. But you really can't go wrong with either of those two clients.

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Open source. Developers are extremely responsive and feels like you're actually talking to your buddy not some random call center support dude. Aaaand free.


Good alternative to µTorrent

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  • Runs smoothly on Linux and easy to set up and configure.
  • Use it quite frequently and has worked well, no issues regarding its functionality.
  • NO ads.


  • Careful when removing torrent, had times where I removed torrent with data by accident.
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Deluge is great but missing some important pros to make it a good contender in 2019. I suggest someone fork this great Python project because the developer(s) have let it fall behind in important updates.

-Using the search function for torrents in your library list hardly works
-Cannot open to .torrent file or export them
-Few if any bulk management operations (besides move, remove)
-Can choke randomly under extreme conditions (not that big of a deal, just reduce the workload)

The best alternative for features is BiglyBT (Vuze, Azureus) although it is connection banned by many trackers and peers due to some bad apples modding the program to the detriment of seeders. The best alternative for compatibility and simplicity is qBittorrent, although it is also missing some great features in BiglyBT (Vuze, Azureus) and I have to keep both installed to fulfill my needs.

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I'm by no means an expert in torrenting stuff, but I do torrent a few things every so often. Deluge has a nice GUI on Linux (I haven't tried it on Windows). The information it displays is clear and easy to understand. I think the only issue that I have is that I wish it would tell me, when I am moving the location of some files downloaded through a torrent, that it is currently in progress. Is there one? I certainly didn't see a progress bar or anything indicating that the operation was running.

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No ads.
Not a bloated resource hogging pile of crap like Vuze.
Quick and easy.

People have said that it's easy to accidentally delete your download, but I feel that it gives plenty of warning.

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Some issues:

  • Can't save .torrent files for downloaded torrents, you'll lose your whole library on a reinstall
  • No Labeling (only via plugins)
  • "Freezing"

And there might be many more. Works (till it is not freezing) but seems a very stupid client to me. Don't choose this instead of qBittorrent you'll regret it.


laggy interface

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utorrent, qtorrent are way lighter and have more options for configuration.



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python application - It uses twise as memory as Transmission and has more dependences. Use Transmission and if it did not satisfy your needs, use this.


Intuitive FOSS BitTorrent client

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I consider Deluge one of the top three [graphical] clients, amongst Transmission and qBittorrent.

Worth a try; just be aware the Windows client is probably going to feel like it's chugging on virtually any machine, but the other two clients benefit from using qt in their Windows variants.

God rest ĀµTorrent, and its tormented, ad-filled soul.


Effective At The Very Least

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Deluge is a very well done application.

It works quickly and easily with no hassle on every machine that I have installed it on (~12). I truly believe that if you have any problems with Deluge, it is very likely a problem on your end. That isn't just fanboy talk, that is from practical experience.

It also has many advanced features that are tucked away if you want a high level of control over your P2P connections, though I have not explored these in-depth.



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Use to download at 2.2MB/s.... now im at 200Kb/s


Most likely a problem on your side, did you try to post in the Deluge forums?

I didn't experience any speed issues to be honest.

Bad, Just bad!

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I wanted to replace the utorrent, but this is so bad that I want to be mined by utorrent but not use this.
the scheduler is stupid, it doesn't even start your torrents. and after the download (is so called completed) you can't even be sure that the download been done completely, for instance the photos are half downloaded!