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One of the best app in the industry providing real time location tracking of sales reps using GPS.
Intuitive attendance management feature.
A responsive user interface and positioning of tabs and pages are kept nice and tidy.
Offline feature helps in syncing stored data where there is no internet coverage.
Although task management and prioritizing is a bit difficult to perform, this app performs better and makes it a competitor in its segment.

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An all-in-one sales tracking app and lot more features.

  1. Real time location access
    Locating field sales employees on a real time basis using GPS.

  2. Mark attendance
    Mark daily attendance on the go. Leave management facility also available with approval or reject feature.

  3. Task assignment
    Assign daily tasks to reps and prioritize based on importance. Responsibility of reps can be evaluated.

  4. Orders and payment collection
    Manage orders with one single tap and notification feature. Enter order collected and all details up to delivery of product.
    Enter details about payment received or not.

  5. Manage sales expenses
    Expenses can be controlled by this feature. Also request for additional expense.

  6. Manage clients
    Manage client data. Each new customer data can be stored to a large database.

  7. Sales employee reports
    A complete reps report regarding work hours, distance traveled, order collection.

  8. Manage products
    Enter all product data including images, prices, discount.

  9. Announcements
    Notification alert for any announcement by the sales managers.

  10. App works offline
    No worries in connectivity. This app works offline manages all data and restores it when network coverage returns.

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Excellent product which fullfill the modern problem gaps in technology. Friendly team with 24/7 support . Provide sales automation is very important in todays technology driven era.


It is a sales force tracking application that prov...

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With this field service management application, company can easily track their salesmen in real time.
Its excellent features like leave management, recording expenses, task management and user access level makes it a revolutionary product for businesses.

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Best Application to track the Field-Salesmen
I would say its variety of features that helped my sales manager to track salesmen in real time over the internet while the offline features are also very strong.
Product Management feature is something that makes this application different from another sales tracking app .
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