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Okay I think this is the first time I am rating a peace of software with only one star.

I am using Degoo around 6-8 months. There was a sale once for premium lifetime, I was stupid enough to buy it because I searched for a good backup solution and that deal was great. However, the installation and setup is easy. That's the only thing which works with Degoo.

Uploading files takes hours, even days! For 1 GB of files, Degoo needs a few hours and if I upload it on any cloud storage I need around 10 minutes. Degoo is a very unstable, unsecure and buggy service/software. Sometimes the upload does not work at all, maybe because the file is in use. Instead of jump to another file and upload the rest, Degoo just stuck.

That's not even the bad thing, now comes the absolute deal breaker.. the really bad thing with Degoo is, that if you are in a situation where you need your files, you can't restore them at all... Like I said I am using this service for a few months, and it does not worked once for me.

The first time I experienced this bug/error or whatever it is was around 1-2 months after use. I needed files and tried to restore them and Degoo downloaded the files and the program stuck on 60-70% for ever. I tried it a few times, on different days and even on different computers. No chance.

Now again, I tried to download files, but it stuck on 1% all the time. It does not say why at all.

So please trust me, DO NOT - NEVER - backup or upload any important files on this service. You will regret it! So I purchased this service for lifetime and I am really disappointed. I removed it from my computer and will search for another solution.

I also tried to get in touch with the, so called "support" of Degoo. They replied around 6 weeks later. I told them about the buggy software and the bugs, that I can not restore my files and that they are lost. Well, nothing changed till now.

So to sum it up - do not use this service for valuable or important files, if you want to backup trash you do not need anyways or for files which do not hurt if they are lost, then you can try it out.

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This company is ripoff. I bought 2TB plan but upload/download speed is 10-100Kbs !!! (on Windows PC). I would probably need 100 years to fill those 2TB and than to download. At the beginning speed was cca 5Mbs but for last 14 day is like before mentioned. Even at 5Mbs you need 1-2 month to fill up 2TB. Maybe is good as free service but I not recommend this Degoo for any even half serious backup. Also it happened many times that my backup files just vanished from their servers. I sent to Degoo emails about this problem few times and no respond. So until they give at list 10Mbs for 2TB paid plan I don't recommend this to anybody.

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uploading files takes so many times that i canceled it because i thought it may be a thief soft to stole whole my PC files